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Veterinary Students Experience Buffalo Immobilisation

2018-05-28T16:16:14+02:00Jun 11th, 2015|

Brothers Safaris Veterinary Student Course - Buffalo immobilisation and disease testing - Monday went well despite some students being a little " shell shocked" at first, as usual. The group was soon into it and by lunch time we had immobilized and disease tested all 24 Buffalo. We then attended to a buffalo calf with an eye problem before paying a visit to Frontier Vets Grahamstown.

Texas A & M vet students – buffalo immobilisations

2018-06-07T10:59:26+02:00Jun 8th, 2015|

Several days of lectures and a dart gun practice, the Texas A&M vet students are ready for their first practical tomorrow - 24 buffalo immobilisations for disease testing! In the meantime a malnourished spotted eagle owl juvenile reported outside one of the vet lecturers door this morning for assistance..... The students are doing a great job hand feeding him and nursing him so far!