African Vet Safaris give clients a rare and unique hands-on opportunity to become involved in wildlife conservation, while having a once in a lifetime experience! Join an African Vet Safari and experience behind-the-scenes interactions with vets, researchers, wildlife managers and conservationists, while getting hands-on with some of Africa’s amazing wildlife. Get your hands dirty assisting, or simply watch from up close. Either way, you will have an unforgettable encounter with Africa’s wildlife!

Vets and non-vets can join us on a variety of safaris, some focus on certain species and are of shorter duration, while other African Vet Safaris include veterinary procedures on a number of different species. All African Vet Safaris include regular wildlife viewing activities, making this a complete safari experience! Use telemetry to track your chosen species in the bush with researchers, helping to collect research data, and discuss various conservation issues with those involved first hand.

The veterinary procedures are varied, but all are necessary veterinary procedures for management or conservation reasons. Examples of procedures include immobilisation for collaring of animals for research and anti-poaching measures, dehorning rhino to combat poaching, contraception and pregnancy diagnosis for population management and research, relocation of animals for management reasons, etc. Species typically worked on include various predators such as lion, leopard and cheetah, rhino (black and white), elephant, buffalo, etc.

We also offer technical training courses for veterinarians and vet students in wildlife immobilisation and conservation. These African Vet Safaris are only for members of the Veterinary Profession (Veterinarians, Vet Nurses, Technicians and Vet Students) wanting an in-depth look at wildlife and its associations with Veterinary Science, and generally involve technical talks and hands-on training. However, there are also opportunities for general wildlife viewing during the program, giving guests an opportunity to relax and enjoy Africa’s wildlife.

Corporates and groups can tailor-make an experience with us, guided throughout by a local wildlife veterinarian. This guarantees an in-depth insight into the field of Veterinary Science in wildlife, in the African context.

Generally, African Vet Safaris only cater for small groups, ensuring a well-managed, personalized and safe environment, for both man and beast. Within the realm of what is safe, ethical and possible from the wildlife perspective, all safaris can be tailor-made to suit your individual needs. Bigger groups can sometimes be accommodated by selecting specific procedures and larger species to work with.

Your participation in an African Vet Safari ensures funding of necessary elective Veterinary procedures that you participate in. You are thus contributing directly to wildlife conservation through your participation.