These safaris are aimed at Veterinarians, Vet Nurses / Technicians and Vet Students who want a more in depth look at wildlife and its associations with Veterinary Science.

This safaris affords clients the opportunity to be involved in wildlife darting and management procedures. Various species such as rhino, elephant, lion, and others, that need darting for management or conservation reasons such as contraception, collar fitment, research sample collection and DNA testing are darted by a wildlife Veterinarian in order for the procedure to be carried out.

Clients are given the opportunity to participate in the procedure being carried out once the animal is tranquillised and it is safe to move closer. Depending on the species and procedure involved, clients will have the option of a hands-on approach, or, if they prefer, simply observing from up close and getting those pictures of a lifetime! Feel the inch thick skin of a rhino, or the hair on the tail of an elephant… all under the guidance of an African Vet Safaris Wildlife Veterinarian.

On rare occassions, it is sometimes even possible for clients to fly in the helicopter with the Veterinarian while the darting takes place!

These safaris are normally a minimum of four days, which allows guests ample time to become familiar with the species we are planning to immobilise, and the actual procedure itself, thus ensuring a complete experience when we get down to the immobilisation. There is also ample time to enjoy general game viewing in the reserve we are working in. The focus is on an informative and educational experience with time for relaxation in-between.

Please Note: No animals are darted without a valid and ethical reason, and at no time is the well being of the animal compromised! Your participation funds the elective Veterinary procedures on the course/safari, thus funding essential conservation procedures!

These safaris only cater for small groups, generally a maximum of eight on a sharing basis, and thus provide an exclusive and well-controlled experience in a potentially dangerous situation. Bigger groups can be accommodated under certain circumstances.

The safaris take the form of set departures where individuals can book independently of one another, or can be booked as a tailor-made safari to meet your specific requirements with respect to your dates and preferences.  Sometimes we can even plan to work with your favourite species, pending available work that needs doing.

Brothers Safaris will gladly assist you in planning your pre and post African Vet Safari requirements to give you the complete tailor-made African safari!