Last Private Safari Of South Africa for 2015

2018-05-28T16:16:11+02:00Dec 10th, 2015|

In August this year we welcomed the Verdier Family for a private African Vet Safari with their French guide Dr Hubert Planton and also hosted a KZN Rhino & Ellie African Vet Safari. Guests had a great time enjoying game drives, boat cruises, game viewing, sundowners, tracking rhinos and much more. There were amazing sightings: lions climbing trees, multiple elephants 50m away bathing in a river bed, rhino and buffalo, some beautiful bird species, antelope, zebra, mongoose and plenty more... The highlight of course was darting and working with the endangered black rhino and elephant. Some of the rhino were [...]

Virbac Animal Health Vet Safari

2018-05-28T16:16:12+02:00Oct 30th, 2015|

Brothers Safari's recently welcomed a group of technical sales Advisers, the General Manager and the Product Manager from Virbac Animal Health to their very own African Vet Safari! They experienced game drives, talks and dart gun practice, all in preparation for the rhino immobilization procedure that was to come... Two white rhino were darted and DNA was collected for the RHODIS database to help combat poaching. The patients are well and back in the bush - success again! After the darting, guests had a chance for a quick chopper flip - smiles all round.Thanks Gavin Mccabe for coming to [...]

Veterinary Students Experience Buffalo Immobilisation

2018-05-28T16:16:14+02:00Jun 11th, 2015|

Brothers Safaris Veterinary Student Course - Buffalo immobilisation and disease testing - Monday went well despite some students being a little " shell shocked" at first, as usual. The group was soon into it and by lunch time we had immobilized and disease tested all 24 Buffalo. We then attended to a buffalo calf with an eye problem before paying a visit to Frontier Vets Grahamstown.

Texas A & M vet students – buffalo immobilisations

2018-06-07T10:59:26+02:00Jun 8th, 2015|

Several days of lectures and a dart gun practice, the Texas A&M vet students are ready for their first practical tomorrow - 24 buffalo immobilisations for disease testing! In the meantime a malnourished spotted eagle owl juvenile reported outside one of the vet lecturers door this morning for assistance..... The students are doing a great job hand feeding him and nursing him so far!