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Rhino Immobilisation Safaris 2013

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Brothers Safaris offers various Immobilisation Safaris as part of our specialist African Vet Safaris portfolio. This particular safari co-operates with a game reserve in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa to facilitate on-going management procedures within their rhino population, while giving guests a once-in-a-lifetime hands on experience! This safari affords clients the opportunity to be involved in rhino immobilisation, carried out by one of the African Vet Safaris Wildlife Vets, and the subsequent management procedures which form a part of on-going rhino management in the reserve. The days preceding the immobilisation allow time for traditional game drives learning about wildlife [...]

Wildlife Icons Of Southern Africa

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This safari takes guests behind the scenes to experience the amazing cheetah, the dinosaur-like black & white rhino, the incredible African Elephant, and of course the mighty lion... This guided safari in the malaria-free Eastern Cape Province of South Africa will give you a unique insight into the world of wildlife in Southern Africa, while focusing on some of the icons. Guests will have the opportunity to interact and learn from researchers, ecologists, vets and guides, while discovering the fantastic world of wildlife in Southern Africa. Expect the experience of a lifetime, and know that your dreams about Africa will never [...]

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