Zimbabwe is best known for the magnificent spectacle of the Victoria Falls, and another four World Heritage sites, including the rugged granite outcrops of the Matobo Hills, and the spectacular conservation area of Mana Pools. The vast waters of Lake Kariba are home to the fierce tiger fish, renowned among avid anglers, while herds of wildlife wander its shores.


Zimbabwe is blessed with a good and warm climate with rich flaura and fauna. Zimbabwe is also where you find one of the Seven Wonders of the world, the Victoria Falls which is surrounded by the seven wonders of our own world.

  • The people and Culture
  • Rich History and Heritage
  • The Majestic Victoria Falls
  • The Great Zimbabwe the grand medieval palace
  • Pristine Wildlife and Nature
  • The Mystic of the Eastern Highlands
  • Mythical Kariba and the Mighty Zambezi

The seven wonders of our world give the visitor seven reasons to visit Zimbabwe.  Zimbabweans are a peace-loving people, warm and hospitable and as such they are the first wonder. Zimbabwe has a rich history and heritage defining how our people came to be what they are today.  The Majestic Victoria Falls which is known by the locals as “Mosi Oya Tunya” the smoke that thunders because of the thunderous noise the water from the falls and smoke like mist from the fall. The Great Zimbabwe is a wonder in itself, built of granite blocks with no mortar or adhesive it has captured the interest of both local and international architects. Pristine wildlife and nature rivals that of any other African country and is in the top 40 of the beautiful habitats in the world. The eastern highlands is a mountainous plain which is said to be filled with the voices of the ancestors and the waters that flow within the plan are said to contain healing powers and sooth the body. The mythical Kariba and the mighty Zambezi, the home of Nyaminyami the serpent god of the Tonga people.  Visitors who come to the area can indulge themselves in the story of this mythical creature and even have a hand-carved walking stick in the form of the serpent god.

The Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall around making it one of the world’s “Seven Natural Wonders”! Victoria Falls is one of the highest, widest and most powerful waterfall, especially in the winter months when the river is full! In the 1800’s Victoria Falls was described by the nearby Kololo as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ which means “the Smoke that Thunders”- illustrating the powerful forces of Victoria Falls!

Lake Chivero
Lake Chivero Recreational Park is about 6 100 hectares in extent including the 16 km long lake. The shoreline of the entire water body covers approximately 48 kilometres. The lake area holds about 250 000 million litres of water and is approximately 26sq km (2 632 ha).

At its widest point the lake stretches for 8 km. The dam wall is 400 metres long and the lake measures approximately 27.43 deep at full supply level at the dam wall.

The Save Valley Conservancy
The Save (pronounced Sah-vey) Valley Conservancy is located in the South-Eastern area of Zimbabwe and has become the largest conservancy in the world. This was established in 1894 by the Wildlife and Natural Resource Conservation; a partnership conservancy … The goal of the project was to restore the land (wildlife and ecological) to its full potential while protecting the black rhinos from extinction.




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