Namibian Safari Tours & Travel Guide introduces you to this fascinating country. Our Luxury desert tours, honeymoons, big game safaris & self-drive adventures – our scheduled & tailor-made Namibia tours & safari holidays are all about experiencing an immense, sparsely populated land with seemingly endless horizons.

At approximately 824,000 square kilometers, Namibia is immense even by African standards. But it’s what occupies this seemingly endless amount space that makes it special. Namibia is filled with rugged, beautiful landscapes of every kind creating an otherworldly environment from which an amazing wealth of wildlife has adapted and thrived. It’s perfect for nature lovers. For adventure or solace seekers. And for people looking to be inspired long after their departure.

Namibia is celebrated for its spectacularly vast open landscapes – an abundance of space in which to inhale deeply
and bask in an infinite supply of blue, sun-bright skies and star-filled nights.

Its immensity of space – it is the fifth largest country in Africa – is accentuated by the fact that it also hosts an extremely low population density and is the driest country south of the Sahara; there are many places where the lunar-like surface seems to deny the existence of all life. But life there is, and in many diverse forms, from the Himba, one of the last true nomadic tribes on Earth, to the unique desert-adapted elephant, abundant wildlife, the bizarre welwitschia plant, a number of birds found nowhere else on Earth and the superbly adapted tenebrionid beetle.

From big game to small game, birds and flora, Namibia offers one of the best wildlife experiences in all of Africa. Namibia celebrates unity in diversity with equal parts traditional heritage and modern emerging identity.

Namibia is a technicolored geographical wonderland with four very different areas to explore. While Namibia is still a relatively young country, its history is some 35,000 years in the making.

Namibia is easily traveled all year round. Brothers Safaris will help you with hotel accommodation in Namibia, flights, car hire, diving or a complete Namibia holiday package.



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