“Thank you for letting me ride in the pick-up with two sleepy although crank Cheetahs! By some miracle, they didn’t wake up (until the next cheetah incident, that is!) I never thought I’d be able to touch a Black Rhino, let alone take its heart/pulse rate rate!! Thank you!
Alice D’Amore, vet student from Western University, USA on the Standard Wildlife Immobilsation & Conservation course, July 2009.
[divider_line]“Peter, William & Jandre, To have this opportunity to spend time on Amakhala with you all has been amazing! To film it all and call it work has been even better. Hospitality and assistance has been second to none and all very much appreciated. I hope the finished product does you all justice!! I will never forget this – thank you all”.
David Hayman & Jean-Pierre Bassin, IMG Media (FIFA), AVS 3 day immobilisation safari, July 2009.
[divider_line]“Well!!! What can I say – not sure where to begin, this has been an amazing opportunity and i feel like have learnt so much but at the same time that I am leaking in so much knowledge and experience. Special thanks to Jandre and Justin who have put up with my craziness with such patience’s & never ending smile. You two are awesome and your knowledge is outstanding. Thanks so much for everything. Also a big thanks to Peter for cramming so much information & detail into such a short period of time, it is very much appreciated. I hope I get the opportunity to work with all of you again in the future it’s been absolutely out of this world.”
Hilary Tweedie, qualified VN from Scotland on the Standard Wildlife Immobilisation & Conservation course, June/July course, 2009.
[divider_line]“Thank you so much for an amazing experience! The accommodation, the food, the staff all exceeded my expectations, even with power outages – stupid blow dryers! I learned so much and know it will help me in the future. There were so many wonderful experiences and it was fun! It was great great to learn hands on for once! Truly a place that will always be remembered. Thank you so much!”
Kelly Mallette vet students from IOWA State University, USA on the Standard Wildlife Immobilisation & Conservation Course, June/July 2009.
[divider_line]“This course has already become one my most favourite memories! These experiences have been beyond my wildest expectations. I have already found a new appreciation for wildlife and wildlife veterinary medicine. The staff here have all been amazing – you must do everything in your power to keep Jandre, Hinrich and Smart! Peter you are such a good teacher and you truly understand how important practical work is to our lesson. You and Becky have put together such a solid program and i feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to experience it. Thank you all so much!”
Tamara Jacobson vet student from the University of Minnesota, USA on the Wildlife Immobilisation & Conservation course, May/June 2009.
[divider_line]“I have been in awe from the start to finish on this trip… you all have met and exceeded expectations. Not only are the veterinary experiences once in a lifetime, but your staff have made this a home away from home – don’t lose them! I sincerely appreciate your willingness to incorporate us students into real veterinary work; work that we could not possibly find in the States, this has truly been amazing and we’ll share our experiences will out colleagues and do our best to spread the word…. Thanks again for everything.”
Kristin Jacobsen vet student from the University of Minnesota, USA on the Wildlife Immobilisation & Conservation course, May/June 2009.
[divider_line]“Had a great time! Thanks for everything. Hope to see you all somewhere in the future. Had some of my dreams come true here, so you will all be imprinted in my memory”
Mia Nilsson a vet from Sweden on the Wildlife Immobilisation & Conservation Course, May/June 2009.