“This was a unique experience made even better by Peter’s extensive knowledge and both willingness and ability to provide answers and insights and of course we loved spending the day with William!”
Alan Gross, Netherlands Antilles, AVS, Rhino Immobilisation 2- 5 November 2010.
[divider_line]“We had high expectations and your exceeded those expectations with your attention to detail, education, information, commitment and interaction with the animals”
Jane Townsend, Netherlands Antilles, AVS, Rhino Immobilisation, 2- 5 November 2010.
[divider_line]“The ability to express how beautiful the land, animals and people have been is next to impossible. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to live, learn, love and experience South Africa. Having a group of individuals who take pleasure in sharing their professional interest and knowledge is heart-warming. Attention to detail was appreciated. The veterinary aspect was the highlight. Thank you for the memories”
Emily A. Walton DVM, Ohio USA, Marilyn Watson Group 5-19 October 2010.
[divider_line]“Dr Peter Brothers is a very knowledgeable and smart man. Enjoyed learning many things about wildlife. Would do this over again in a heartbeat”
Kay Kennon, USA, Marilyn Watson Group 5-19 October 2010.
[divider_line]“This was my first trip to Africa – a lifelong dream. I feel so lucky that this was my first African Safari. I am not sure any others will measure up. As an animal lover, I was thrilled with the vet experiences with the rhino and the cheetah. Our guides, Luke and David, were fantastic. They were so knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Loved every minute of it, including the penguin excursion and the orphanage visit. Peter was very welcoming and comfortable to be with. Thanks for everything!!”
Betty Laine, USA, AVS, Adventures for Singles Safari, 4 – 11 September 2010.
[divider_line]“This was a fantastic experience, from the beautiful accommodations to the host and hostess, to the lovely staff, the very informative guides and, especially Peter Brothers, I have learned so much about Africa’s fabulous animals and wildlife management. My opinions of things and practices have changed as I am more aware of issues I hadn’t considered. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I’ll miss everyone! Much love and warm wishes for continued success xxoo.”
Michelle Kling, USA, AVS, Adventures for Singles Safari, 4 – 11 September 2010.
[divider_line]“Words cannot describe the feelings I will hold in my heart for ever. Amakhala is such a special place, filled with special people, places and animals. The personal touch and caring that is extended to all the guests who quickly become “family”. It was such a joy meeting your family. I will be back! I cannot stay away! I leave here with a heavy heart but knowing I will take a piece of “Brothers” with me. Peter you have a real talent for organising 14 women and keeping us all so happy! If you could have multiple wives you have 14 volunteers. We love you with all our hearts. Our homes in America are always open to you. Please stay in touch.
Ginny.” Virginia Cochran, USA, AVS, Adventures for Singles Safari, 4 – 11 September 2010
[divider_line]“This experience surpassed my expectations tenfold! It was the most incredible vacation I’ve ever experienced. The veterinary procedures we were involved with were incredibly interesting and fun and the hospitality was first rate. I learned a lot and had the time of my life. Words can barely do it justice. Thank you for everything!
Dr Alison Foster, USA, AVS, Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Safari, 11 – 19 September 2010
[divider_line]“This has been an exceptional experience with all aspects being “Tip Top”. Peter was patient and knowledgeable – more than willing to share his wisdom. Luke was also fantastic- reliable and willing to do whatever was needed. Sue, Becky and all the rest behind the scenes made it go smoothly. Thanks to all for touching my life! “
Dr Linda Elliott, USA, AVS, Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Safari, 11 – 19 September 2010