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Wildlife Immobilisation & Conservation Course For Veterinary Students

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This course is intended to give Veterinary students the opportunity to gain some technical knowledge involved in wildlife veterinary practice in South Africa and the immobilisation of wildlife, and uses theory and practical to achieve this aim. Students will receive lectures on a wide variety of topics, and will also be given practical demonstrations and opportunities to practice certain skills. While the topics are intended to be very practical, this course will not turn a Veterinary student into a “Wildlife Vet”, and this is not the intention. The knowledge and experience gained during this course should highlight some of the issues [...]

KZN Rhino & Elephant Immobilisation Safari

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This safari takes you ‘behind the scenes’, giving you the opportunity to interact with vets and guides while discovering the fantastic world of wildlife in Southern Africa. The focus of this safari will be on elephant and rhino, but many other species will be viewed and enjoyed along the way…….. The traditional wildlife viewing activities included in the safari programme make this an ideal safari for first time visitors, as well as seasoned travellers to Africa wanting something new and exciting! Not only will you have a fantastic time but your participation also means donations to the various projects, thus you [...]